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Frankly, it’ll make any person angry: Jio Institute parody duo


By Priya Solomon

Within seconds of the government controversially awarding the “Institute of Excellence” tag to Reliance Group’s Jio Institute, social media users were desperately hunting for anything on the non-existent institute.
They did find one on Twitter though — @JioInstitute and what a joy it was to see this active handle.

It may be a parody. But it provided comic relief, the country needs today. There was no better way to assuage the feelings of fellow citizens, who are now daily witness to a bizarre procession of bewildering decisions and actions.

Who are the people behind the parody account of @JioInstitute? Priya Solomon, Editor, chats with them on Twitter.

Priya Solomon : Who would you say you are?
@JioInstitute: We are just normal people with Twitter access. We enjoy a good laugh and get angry at the injustice in the society.

PS: Are you a famous personality or group?
J: We’re not famous or celebrities. We’re not even a big group. We are just two people across two states who met via Twitter and developed a friendship based on common likes and dislikes.

PS: Is this the first time something you did went viral?
J: No. We went viral few times earlier too. We collaborated on a parody Biplab Kumar Deb account. We’ve been quoted in newspapers earlier too. (Someone in the media thought it was a real handle and ran a story. Even the CM office was caught off guard and issued a statement which led to a comedy of errors)

PS: Why are you only following the PM and AIB?
J: AIB, as you know, stands for All India Bakchod. Same is the case with the other handle we follow.

PS: Where are you based?
J: Two people in two different states.

PS: What’s next?
J: We frankly don’t know. We never thought it’ll go this viral. It was just a vent for our pent-up frustrations through sarcasm. But many well-meaning Indians identified with our frustrations. We’re really glad and thankful for that.

PS: With so much fame coming your way, do you wish you were not anonymous?
J: Yes. We want to remain anonymous for the time being at least.

PS: Why the anonymity? Are you scared?
J: I think anonymity gives you a certain freedom of not being judged. It’s up to us how we utilize it.

PS: Any political leanings?
J: Well, we’ve been observing things and frankly, it’ll make any person angry. We don’t belong to any particular political party but yes, we do subscribe to a certain ideology.

PS: Who are some of the famous people following you?
J: Well, we’re glad that many people thought our efforts were good and it made them laugh. Omar Abdullah was very sporting. Also Ram Guha. We’re grateful for their support.

PS: Have you received any hate mail?
J: No hate mail so far. But you never know 😉

Follow Jio Institute here: @Jioinstitute
(You can contact Priya Solomon on [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @soulpri


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