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Green chilly sold for Rs 400 a kg in Kochi


Kochi, Aug 19 (IANS): The worst floods to batter Kerala since 1924 have fuelled shortages and sent prices of vegetables zooming, with green chilli selling at Rs 400 a kg in Kochi and surrounding areas.

Very few shops are open at the first place. Those which are are making a killing, complain residents.

After the retail price of green chillies went through the roof, angry locals sought police intervention and the cost came down. But even now it is costing Rs 120 a kg.

Onions, potatoes and cabbage were being sold at Rs 90 a kg before police told the vendors to put up a price display board.

The retail cost of rice and sugar has shot up by Rs 15. Frustrated residents organised a noisy protest at a shop in Kaloor near here, forcing again the police to intervene.

The shop owner argued that he had no choice but to jack up the prices as he was paying more on transport.

Officials have promised tough action against all those who make a killing at a time of misery.


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